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Digital vs Printed
Digital vs Printed

Frame iT Friday

The launch of my blog

This week I wanted to share a new chapter to my photography journey.
Starting with the launch of my new blog where I will be discussing photography topics 
and feature differnet creatives in our industry on the last friday in every month. 

This is a blog where we will be able to gather a few tricks and  apply some of these core elements to our own photographs. As always thanks for your support looking forward to interacting with you guys.

What's New


Who is Dave Williams?

I’m probably best described as a traveling photographer. I’m a photographer and writer (who also makes video) with a specialism in the travel, particularly cold locations, as well as an aurora expert. I work closely with KelbyOne and DIYPhotography as an instructor and writer as well as being a Photoshop World Dream Team Instructor and having also presented at Russell Browns Art Directors Invitational Masterclass and The Photography Show amongst many other events. My passion is centred around travel and nature - I’m constantly captivated by the things I see around the world and I love to show things in the way I see them through my photography, giving people the opportunity to live vicariously through my photos and videos, and I firmly believe we should all live by this mantra: - Once in a lifetime as often as you can!

Do you follow a shot list, or do you prefer free rein?

It’s a bit of both, really. It’s always a great idea to have a shot list and have a plan in place, often alongside a fallback plan in the kinds of unpredictable places I like to shoot, but it’s never a bad idea to be inspired when on the go, adjusting the plan based on what we see and feel when we’re out in the field.



What is the biggest challenge you face doing the kind of photography you do?

Travel photography is a field unlike any other. It’s a genre that’s all-encompassing because it has such a diverse range of subject matter. Landscapes, nightscapes, food, architecture, lifestyle - it all falls under travel photography if the result of the image is that it inspires people to want to be there, in the photo. Because of this it comes with a lot of competition and it can often be hard to stand out from the crowd. This is one of the reasons I authored my latest book, The Eiffel Tower Effect, helping photographers to defeat the effects of influencers and create amazing photos that are unlike anything else out there.

What Inspires you?

I look for inspiration in nature. The change of the season and the beauty of the natural world flicks a switch inside me that makes me want to create, showing the world through my eyes as well as showing others that these things are out there, within reach, ready to be seen. I look to the work of others but I never try to copy it - I use it as the basis of my own ideas, often shooting familiar locations in completely different ways.

One word that describes you?








Digital vs Printed

Comparing print vs digital, which one is more popular?

This is a question i have been ask by customers all the time.
Many are surprised to hear that print is becoming increasingly popular with millenials and younger generations. Millennials are chastised for being glued to their phones, scrolling and looking at photos all the time yet that tangable print still holds an important place in their daily lives. 

What i have found to be true is when a high quality print, photobook, wallart or album is deliverd to a customer it bring them to tears every single time, there is that wow factor that brings out the emotions when they hold that printed piece in their hands. When all you see is the image on a screen and then you get a printed piece thats the icening on the cake.

Imagine yourself heading over to your grandparents for thanksgiving or for christmas and bringing a photo book along with you insted of a favorite meal or drink. There is still something wonderful about the smell of a freshly printed photo book and the turn of a page that will be in the conversation for decades to come. You will be remember as the person who brought over a photobook. And each page  preserves unique memories that are entirely your own. Especially in a time where our eyes are mostly straining to look at screens for work, the joy of printed photo becomes much more appealing.

What are your thoughts?


Unleash your creative potential no matter the
size of your studio space!

New Drops



One of the best ways to grow in your photography business and build up your community of fellow creatives, is through photography conferences. I’ve attended some amazing conferences and I’ve attended some that…well, we won’t talk about......

Everything is organized by date so you can find the workshops that work with your schedule.

With that said i think the goals of conferences are three-fold:

•  To Connect

•  Get Inspired

•  Test out some new gear

So whether you are a professional looking forward to building relationships or an amateur aiming to learn new business techniques and get familiar with the latest trends - this photography conference has something for everyone.

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